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Buying Teak furniture from Indonesia is a simple process and Indonesia is treated as a favored trading country for the USA and much of Europe with the result that there are no import duties on imported Indonesian furniture.


Start your buying experience with an email telling us which product or products interest you (we sell single items as well as container loads)!

We'll respond with our quotation and if you can also, at the same time, let us know the name of your nearest container port, we can include the cost of shipping in our quotation. Occasionally, some product prices include the shipping cost to any US mainland, EU or Australian container port.


We accept payment for Furniture products by Bank to Bank transfer (T/T). Progress and final photos provided.


Our furniture is securely packed and cased in timber framing before dispatch and should reach you in perfect condition. Be aware though that accidents in handling can occasionally happen so you might like to consider marine insurance. We can organize this here with our shippers but we advise you to seek advice from your local casualty agent (the same company you buy car & house insurance from) and ask him to quote you for a policy that insures your shipment "Ex-factory to your home".

Shipping by the container

Shipping by the container is, as the name implies, shipping your goods in a single container which holds only your products.

This is the most reliable method of safe shipping but requires a larger purchase to fill the container and get best value.

A 20' container will hold about 25 m3 of furniture ( a 40' container about 50 m3).Your furniture is protected with single face cardboard cartons and loaded in the container. We then seal the doors and (apart from any ustoms/security examinations) the container will arrive at the destination port without being opened.

Shipping LCL Sea Cargo (less than a container)

This shipping process is for customers who wish to order smaller quantities of furniture. The minimumchargeable volume that can be shipped using this method is 2 m3 and for anything over about 10 m3 it becomes economically viable to book a whole container since LCL rates per m3 are proportionally higher.

Again, your furniture is protected with single face cardboard cartons but, additionally, it is then individually crated with timber framing.Your crated products are then collected by the shipping company for loading into the next container to your destination port.

This container will hold consignments from a variety of exporters for different customers.There is a minimum shipping charge based on a minimum shipping volume of 2 cubic meters. After that the shipping cost increasesfor each cubic meter (or part cubic meter).

We deal with all the shipping arrangements and official documentation such as Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice and Packing List and a few days after shipping we send you the official documentation including the Bill of Lading which is the document giving you absolute legal title to your goods.

The Bill of Lading will show the name of the ship, its destination port and the name, telephone number and address of the local Freight Forwarder (Customs Broker) who will notify you when the goods have arrived at your local port. (You are, of course, able to contact the Freight Forwarder yourself at any time, if you wish.)

Our shipping cost responsibility ends when the goods arrive at your local port.

Upon arrival at your nearest port you have a number of choices:-

(1) You can make your own arrangements with the local Freight Forwarder named on the Bill of Lading to arrange delivery to your home.

(2) You can use another Freight Forwarder of your choice.

(3) You can deal with Customs clearance and delivery yourself.