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Indonesian Furniture: Living Room Essentials

When guests visit your home the first thing they will notice is your living room and first time visitors will automatically make an assessment of the comfort, visual impact, style and atmosphere of this space and come to an instant conclusion of whether they like it or not.

This conclusion will not necessarily be based upon their own style preferences but more on the overall impact on their senses. Our range of Indonesian furniture offers all the living room essentials that you will need to make your living area special.

Of course, while you may wish for your guests to feel at ease in your living space, the principal requirement is that you feel comfortable and relaxed in the area of your home where you will spend a great deal of your leisure time.

Here are some aspects to consider particularly if you are considering a redesign or refurbishment of your living area:


There must be a seating, a central table, a television cabinet, some storage armoires and if you don’t have a separate dining area, you can place your dining table in the living area.

You will need:

Seating for yourself and guests

A dining table and chairs if you don’t have a separate dining area

Some form of storage –a sideboard or buffet with cupboards and drawers.

A display element – perhaps a cabinet, bookcase or open shelves to show personal effects.

Cabinets for your video and audio systems Furniture style There are a myriad styles of furniture from which to choose including modern, trend setting, simple, minimalist, antique, reproduction, baroque, rustic, Jacobean, Queen Anne, Colonial, Georgian, Chippendale, Robert Adam, Sheraton, Shaker and Victorian.

Spend some time looking around furniture stores, explore the room setting photos in home decor magazines and use the internet to develop your knowledge on the different styles available - perhaps something completely different such as an asian style setting.


Lighting is an essential element for creating the ambience to suit the occasion or the time of day. Gone are the days when living area lighting comprised a single ceiling pendant with lampshade positioned in the ceiling.

Today the options for light fittings available are enormous including ceiling lighting, wall and floor mounted lighting, spotlights, uplights, downlights, table lamps, pendants, chandeliers.

The lamps available for these fittings range from the traditional incandescent lamp (now being increasingly withdrawn from national markets) to Halogen, LED, energy savers, compact fluorescent and others all available in different shapes and wattages and sometimes controllable by dimmer switches so that you can adjust the mood setting.

Just like furniture there are also many styles from which to choose – modern, asian, crystal, art deco, country, colonial, Tiffany, rustic, Victorian etc.


Your choice of furnishings and their colors and textures will be another essential consideration to match, blend with or contrast to the previous style elements. Accessories Accessories add your own personality to your living area. These can be rugs, cushions, bean bags, pillows, sofa throws, photo dislays, knickknacks, blinds, curtains and personal mementoes. Wall and ceiling colors: floor coverings

These colors should complement the tone set by the previous style elements either by matching or blending with them but sometimes a vivid contrast coupled with clever lighting effects can result in a highly stimulating living area environment. Enhance the walls with photos, prints, paintings or pictures.

So what are you waiting for – get creative!


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