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Indonesian Furniture: Living Room Accessories

Your living area may be the most cluttered part of your home – bowls full of pens, pencils, pieces of paper, coins and junk which you clear out once a year, old magazines which should have been discarded months ago, cosmetics which should have been returned to the bathroom or bedroom, candles with about 2 minutes of life left in them, scattered children’s toys – the list can go on and on. All this is not necessarily bad – it’s a reflection of all the personalities that share the space but here are some ideas to refresh this space with living room accessories, despite the clutter, and each one costs $20 or less!


The quickest and easiest way to instantly refresh sofas and chairs is to add a few colorful throws. Vivid colors with scenes of sunsets and beaches can transform initial perceptions of the room.


Cheap white cotton or cotton/polyester curtains framing the largest window in the room and hanging to just above floor level will accentuate the natural light and add a warm glow to your living area.


Canvas, rattan or bamboo blinds fitted to smaller windows add instant character and attract the eye.


Adding a few shelves in natural wood or white melamine increasing your storage area and provides an element for displaying your personal items and clearing them off your sideboard or table.


Whether in natural wood or ceramic, display bowls filled with fruit or dried flowers add a calming and refreshing element to your space.


The larger the better, candles , whether you burn them or not, add impact and color.

Dulang Candle Dulang Candle


Here is an old Indonesian ‘dulang’ originally used for preparing rice and now filled with wax and a candle wick which will burn for days.

Coffee Table Coasters

Spruce up your coffee table and protect it from hot cups and wet glasses by adding some coasters. Instead of the traditional small ceramic or fabric coasters that you can find everywhere, make some large ones yourself about 6” x 6” from discarded fabric or even old jeans.


Large mirrors with beveled edges can be very expensive but a group of 3 or 4 small mirrors arranged diagonally or staggered adds an instant focal point.

So now you can re-juvenate your living room without breaking the bank!!

So what are you waiting for – get creative!

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