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Indonesian Furniture: Dining Room Considerations


The appearance of adequate space is an important consideration in dining room design and furnishing – a small space requires a small table to keep the elements in proportion. Similarly, in a larger space it makes sense to have a larger table. The important factor is to provide adequate space for movement around the table even when all chairs are occupied. We have a whole collection of Dining Room furniture.

Table choices

Dining room tables are available in various shapes to suit different environments – square, rectangular, round and oval – generally you will be able to seat more people per square foot of floor space around a round table than a square or rectangular table. The room proportions are also an important consideration in determining the best shape of table for the room.


You can easily experiment with the different dining table shapes and the space available by simply measuring the dimensions of the dining room and then drawing a scale plan on some graph paper. Allow at least two feet for circulation space behind each occupied chair and calculate how much space is available for the table and chairs.

Take into account any inward opening doors and other space restrictions. Then draw and cut out scaled shapes of different table shapes and position them on your graph paper to see which shapes and sizes work best – if you have children of the right age you can get them to do all the work!


If you want to include other accessories in your dining room such as a buffet, sideboard, cabinet or small end table for a lamp, draw and cut out more scaled shapes and experiment further.

Décor and Lighting

Pastel color shades are often best in smaller dining areas while in larger areas a contrast color on a single wall can be particularly effective. The aim should be to create a dining space that appears spacious and appealing.

Don’t forget to place photos and pictures to the walls to add interest to the room.

Lighting is very often positioned directly above the center of the table. Consider a long cable drop from the ceiling to perhaps 4 feet above the table for your lighting perhaps with a dimmer switch to adjust the lighting output. If you have a table lamp or lamps in the room experiment with different lamp wattages for different social occasions.

Plants, flowers and fruit

These elements bring freshness and scent to any environment and particularly to a dining room. A table centerpiece of mixed flowers or fruit and a couple of potted plants will add their own qualities to your room.

So be creative!

So what are you waiting for – get creative!



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