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G114 grand king bed

Grand King size bed frames now form part of our huge range of Indonesian furniture all manufactured from solid teak wood and exported worldwide, often with FREE shipping PROMOS These frames are made to suit all international mattress sizes. grand king mattress size for really tall people

The mattress size for these frames (also known as Oversized King frames) is 80" x 98" and gives you an additional 30% of sleeping area. The frame is 4" wider than a standard King and a full 18" longer! We can manufacture any of our frames to this size with matching nightstand tables and dressers too.

If you think that you will have difficulty finding sheets for this size frame, we can help there too by getting them made for you as long as you want single colors and not patterns.

In the US these frames would probably be categorized as custom made but since all our frames are custom made and sold at factory prices there is no particular price premium - reckon on about $350 over the price of a standard King frame.

No more cramped sleeping positions with these frames and a huge choice of styles - sleigh, platform, canopy, extra low, wedding and four poster - all in solid Teak at amazing prices. Matching nightstand tables with optional drawer, shelf and cupboard configuations are also available. Manufacturing time is about 4 weeks depending on the model and shipping time to the USA is approximately 28 days.

Grand king size bed KLBED70 in solid Teak at wholesale factory price ready for finishing with teak oil. Just one of our huge range of frames in this special size for really Tall people!

When you consider the time that anyone spends in bed either sleeping or relaxing is around 8 hours a day, it emphasizes the need for comfortable environment, especially if you are tall. Eliminate the discomfort cramped sleeping positions, enjoy freedom of movement and get bed to fit your physique.This beautiful platform style ready for final finishing in teak oil.

So, if you are tall or just want much more space, take a look at our complete range to see grand king prices and drop us an email for a quote in grand king size including shipping. Click any of the images for these special grand king size frames in solid TEAK at wholesale factory prices.

Our model KLBED70, shown here in grand king size, costs $2,470

Checkout our detail page for any free shipping promo.

We can even make these frames the "wrong" way round - 98" wide x 80" long! And all these extra large frames come with our Purchase Guarantee.


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Email us now for total cost including shipping – please state model,SIZE and the name of your city or nearest container port. 

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