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When importing furniture from one country to another certain international rules apply. These rules form an international standard and before the furniture can leave the exporting country these rules must be satisfied.

Some importing countries impose additional regulations and these are often adopted later as international standards.

The standard export shipping documents are:

Bill of Lading

This document specifies:

The name of the shipper

The name of the consignee (the receiver of the furniture)

The delivery agent (the agent who liaises with the consignee in the receiving country)

Details of the exported furniture

The weight and number of packages

The name of the shipping vessel

The ports of export and import

The Bill of Lading is issued to the exporter a few days after the shipping vessel has left port and the exporter then forwards it to the receiving consignee as evidence of legal claim on the goods.

A copy of the Bill of Lading is also faxed to the delivery agent so that he can make contact with the consignee before the shipping vessel actually arrives at its destination.

Form 'A' (Certificate of Origin)

This certificate details the origin and destination of the furniture.

Invoice and Packing List

These 2 documents are required for customs and excise control so that the receiving country can keep track of all products being imported.

Fumigation Certificate

This documents certifies that the furniture and the containing pallet or crate have been fumigated. It specifies the fumigant, the dosage rate and the exposure time.

Not required for all receiving countries but Lune Indonesian Furniture fumigates all export furniture.

I.S.F ( Import Security Filing) for USA

The USA requires importers to complete an Import Security Filing.

What next?

All these export shipping documents are sent by international courier to the consignee. The delivery agent will contact the consignee to offer his services to arrange delivery from the port to the final destination but there is no reason why an individual cannot complete this process personally. Lune Furniture has been exporting Indonesian furniture worldwide since 1998.

What happens if the furniture arrives damaged?

Our furniture is securely packed and cased in timber framing before dispatch and should reach you in perfect condition. Be aware though that accidents in handling can happen. We advise that you take out local insurance in your home country to cover the risk from the date of shipping to the date of delivery. If you already have home insurance you should be able to add this additional cover at small cost and in the unlikely event that any goods have suffered damage during transit you will be better placed to deal with the insurance claim locally. Alternatively we can arrange Marine Insurance here to cover risk of damage from the port of lading to the destination port.