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Welcome to – a furniture company in Indonesia exporting solid TEAK furniture worldwide since 1998.

7 seater benchOur factory is in Jepara and here are some employees sitting on a custom made 7 seater bench.

Why us?

Principally because we manufacture and deliver exactly what you want to personalize your home - bedroom, living room and dining room and keep you informed of progress all the way.

We are not the cheapest because we only use solid TEAK. Most of our competitors are now using Mahogany or chemicals to make wood look like teak.

We can also customize any of our standard designs to suit your personal requirements. Want a bed the 'wrong way round' or to suit a square mattress? - Yes we can and do.

Want us to reproduce something special? - Yes, we can and do.

Our business was formed in 1998 by Yani Anggraeni (now deceased) and is now managed and owned by her daughter, Melinda Mustika.

This is what Yani had to say when she started the business:

My Name is Yani Anggraeni and I am the business owner ultimately responsible for everything!

Me in 1998From humble beginnings .......I was just (and probably still am) a simple Indonesian girl who was faced with an opportunity nearly 20 years ago and decided to 'have a go'. The opportunity arose when a US citizen (the wonderful Mr Josephs) asked me at a trade show, where I was one of the receptionists, if I could direct him to a display stand of custom built teak furniture. He wasn't interested in buying a full container of furniture - just a few custom pieces. There was, then ,no one providing this service so I offered to help. This incredible guy was returning to the USA in just a few days but I was able to contact a small furniture business in Bandung with some quick sketches and get some prices. I submitted my prices to Mr Josephs and said that, if they were acceptable, I would send him progress photos during manufacture and final finished photos.

He knew that I had never done this previously but accepted my prices and, incredibly, paid a 25% deposit with the balance payable before shipping. 25% was nowhere near enough to cover my costs but begging and borrowing from friends and relatives provided the remainder and I successfully completed my first order and made a profit!

Me in 2015....... To now (I look older but I have a more modern computer!)

Since that first order I created a formal Indonesian business, Lune Furniture, and we have exported individual pieces of custom made furniture - particulaly beds - to the USA, UK, Netherlands, Japan, France and Australia, always in solid TEAK.

We also export whole containers.