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Java Wedding Bed KL-WEDDING-BED-6000 Solid Teak hand carved Dining set KLDS115 Platform bed KL122 Armoires ARM047 and H001 Four poster Bed KL-CANOPY-BED-0238 Platform bed KL301 Low Bed KLBED164 Loveseat / Bench KLBNC106 Low Bed
KL-LOW-BED-163-3 7 Piece Coffee Table Set Cabinets KLCAB51 and KLCAB56 Cabinets KLCAB51 and KLCAB56 Four poster Bed KL-4-POSTER-BED-6006

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Inspired by customer design requests and traditional Javanese and Balinese designs, most of our furniture designs are unique to us. We can also reproduce any design.

Exclusive Furniture Designs from Indonesia. Wholesale Teak Furniture.Canopy Bed KLBED500 + Platform Bed KLBED71 + Carved Dining Set KLDS115

Our bedroom teak furniture includes armoires in single, 2 door and 3 door styles with hanging rails, shelves and drawer layouts to suit your needs, exquisite solid Teak, hand carved bed frames in every style - 4 poster beds, canopy beds,   trundle daybeds,   wedding beds,  low bed frames and  grand king bed frames to suit every international mattress size.

All beds are manufactured from solid Teak Grade 'A' and kiln dried.

To accompany our beautiful beds we have bedside and nightstand tables in every configuration with open shelves, cupboards, shelves or drawers to suit your individual taste.

Our home furniture also includes magnificent solid Teak Loveseats and Benches can also function as daybeds whilst maintaining their primary function for seating. Our seating style choices also include casual and formal chairs for relaxation, dining and study.

To complete your relaxation environment we have a range of beautiful coffee tables and coffee table sets in unusual styles that you won't find elsewhere.


Our fabulous solid Teak hand carved dining table sets seat from 4 to 12 persons and we can customize any of them to suit individual requirements, mixing chair styles from one set to match the table from another set, increasing or decreasing seating capacities to provide precisely what you need. Our storage accent furniture includes buffets and sideboards to compliment our fine dining room furniture.

Indonesian furniture: Teak Beds from Indonesia

Four post Bed KL6002 + Canopy Wedding Bed Madura + Canopy Bed KL09 + Low Bed KLB180

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Wholesale, Handcrafted, hand carved solid TEAK furniture from IndonesiaOur range of kiln dried teak wholesale furniture is all manufactured from solid Teak to exacting standards using traditional skills. All our Teak is procured from government licensed sources in Indonesia.

Rxporting furniture from Indonesia worldwide since 1998Indonesia Teak Furniture Manufacturer and Exporter of fine solid TEAK home furniture since 1998. All our Teak pieces are wrapped, protected and packed in solid wood crates before shipping.

Customized solid Teak IndonesiandesignsWe are happy to customize any of our standard designs to suit individual requirements.


Indonesian Teak from sustainable sourcesWe only use solid Teak for our designs - properly resourced plantation wood from sustainable forests.



Ocean freight shipping worldwideWholesale carved Teak furniture especially suitable for the individual purchaser who wishes to buy in smaller quantities than a full container and enjoy substantial savings on retail prices: Wholesale Furniture at factory prices.


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Wholesale Indonesian Furniture and Custom Made Furniture at wholesale prices.

Wholesale Teak Indoor Furniture and Teak Furniture for your bedroom, living room, dining room and patio.

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